• See The Light & Be The Light

    CHANNEL - THE COUNCIL OF LIGHT  The Andromedans As always, take what resonates leave the rest! "It is a time now to hold your frequency, stay in t...
  • The Collective Mindset & It's affect on Humanity

    "Humanity has been experiencing the paused state (at the time of receiving this message - February) and the understanding and seeing the repercussions of your decisions as a collective.
  • The Masculine, The Ego and Merging Chakras - 3D to 5D

    "Many of you are purging your lower frequencies through the Solar Plexus Chakra. This is about you upgrading Ego and The Masculine into a 5D consciousness, the Solar Plexus & Heart Chakras are also beginning to merge and connect like the visica piscis (above image).
  • Message To Lightworkes & Starseeds 2021

    From The Council of Light - The Pleiadians Take what resonates, leave the rest!   THANK YOU FOR BEING A GUIDING LIGHT FOR HUMANITY "Humanity is aw...
  • Message To Humanity For 2021

    Message to Humanity For 2021 - Be at Peace - The Andromeda Council of Peace & Light