Ener-Genetic Hypnotherapy

What is Ener-Genetic Hypnotherapy?

How Does It work?

Let Me Explain How It All Came About...

This might get a little sciency, so I will explain as best as I understand it myself. We are always students of the universe and this is where my understanding is currently at, but I have no doubt that this will evolve more and more, it already has. 

As I mentioned I designed at created this therapy, it is unique to me. I first stumbled across this therapy when I was working with one of my clients who has suffered with chronic illness. They were already deep in their healing journey and this was a key piece of the puzzle that transformed their health.
I am trained in multiple therapies and one day, as I was sat preparing for my client, a huge download came through, I receive downloads regularly as an open channel and intuitive, so this was nothing unusual for me. When this came through, I knew I was onto something big and powerful. Something that could revolutionize health care for those who are ready for this kind of work. It was a combination of multiple therapies plus something extra from my guides to take it to the next level. Let me explain how it works. 
Here goes, each one of us carries our own unique genetic code (information), you can think of your genetic code as the hard drive of your computer. Your DNA  (the double helix) caries your unique genetic code (contained within the horizontal lines of your double helix) and this all lives inside your cells within the nucleus, the heart of the cell. From here, your DNA replicates itself as a messaging service called mRNA.
You can imagine mRNA (messenger DNA) to look like your double helix cut in half length ways. This mRNA travels outside of the nucleus of your cell to meet up with your amino acids, your amino acids who have now been told what to do, go and meet up with proteins, these proteins carry all the specific information from your genetic code for what cells to create, your proteins create these new cells, for e.g liver cells, and cells make up your entire human existence, your heart, your lungs ect. So you can see how important it is to have the most healthy genetic code expressing itself. 
Scientists are now working with stem cell therapy, and gene therapy, from my understanding, this is working to create new healthy cells with healthy genetic information that they can then replace the old unhealthy, for e.g, cancer cells with. 
Ener-Genetic Hypnotherapy is essentially doing the same thing, but on an energetic level using hypnotherapy. 
Hypnotherapy allows us to access the subconscious mind via the brainwaves, once you have access to the subconscious mind, you have access to EVERYTHING THAT YOUR BODY DOES. 
So in a nutshell, Ener-Genetic Hypnotherapy allows us to go into the subconscious mind where we have full access to our genetic code on an energetic level. Once we access the genetic code, we can change the information that is expressing itself throughout your cellular body.
That means that any genetic information, like cancer cells, high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, lyme disease, anything that is hereditary in your family or causing your physical body to be in a place of imbalance and dis-ease, can be changed. We can go into the genetic code and delete this information, which means we can also download new healthy information to take it's place. 
Think about it as if you were going into the files of your computer and deleting old ones to make space for new ones. This is so powerful, if we can go into our genetic code and change the information ourselves (with a little help), this is revolutionary in the future of our health. I feel so blessed to have received this powerful therapy. It is by no means a one size fits all therapy, each one of us has unique biology and biography's. What is happening in in my body, is not happening in yours, so the number of sessions can vary, but  A LOT happens in just one session, this therapy is very deep and life changing. 
THIS MEANS, that not only can we change our genetic information that we are born with, we can also RETURN TO  NORMAL OR SOMETHING BETTER, anything that has been injected into our bodies, and I have to be careful what I say here, anything that changes our genetic information, like an mRNA vaccine, can be removed and the genetic information can be changed back to it's original state or better. 
I have had amazing results from using this therapy and it is something that needs to be shared with the world. If you are curious or dealing with chronic illness or worse, please book a free connection call with me, we can go over everything, and I can see how best I can serve you. Also please bear in mind that we have to work with the emotional body and our mental health to really achieve profound healing. This therapy ticks all the boxes, and I am here for it.
PS. please note that this does not replace medical advice and any decisions that you make for your own healing journey is entirely up to you.