Message To Lightworkes & Starseeds 2021

From The Council of Light - The Pleiadians

Take what resonates, leave the rest!



"Humanity is awakening on such a mass scale that the others, the Unawakened ones, will have no choice but to surrender to the light. The Darker Energies, The Polarizing Ones, will try to tighten their grip over humanity, but they will fail. They are already failing.

The cycle is completing for them and they will not win this War as the Light has already won. We have entered the dawning of Aquarius and the Light here is so beautiful. It is a place of freedom, of love, of Unity Consciousness and Christ's love. 

We are being asked to strip away the old layers of ourselves, to release and surrender what no longer serves, to become the most authentic version of ourselves, and that place is LOVE. PURE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Thank you Awakened Ones, Lightworkes and Starseeds for being a guiding light for humanity. Your work is honored and respected and we are all supporting you on this Journey.

God Speed

The Pleiadians & The Council of Light"