See The Light & Be The Light


The Andromedans

As always, take what resonates leave the rest!

"It is a time now to hold your frequency, stay in the high vibrations, and anchor more light on this beautiful planet. 

Lean into your intuition and inner guidance, many do not know who to trust and they must learn to trust THEIR OWN TRUTH. It is time to go inside and connect to what FEELS right, this is important and we reiterate, TRUST WHAT FEELS RIGHT, this is how you find the truth that resonates deep within your soul. You ALREADY KNOW your truth, you feel it deep it deep inside, it is not in the conscious mind, it is deeper within.

We are in a period of extreme chaos, but remember dear Children of the Light that this is temporary and is just a moment of purging the lower frequencies. 

What you are seeing and becoming witness to is a necessary, and vital step of the evolution of you all. You must not see this experience as the end, it is only the beginning of a more beautiful existence, to bring more peace, love and harmony to your Planet. It is always darkest before dawn...

Let it go, disconnect from the chaos, reconnect to the purest light, be with the ones you love, the ones in the light for they are in their divine truth. We repeat the necessity of walking away from the chaos, do not get lost in the illusion of darkness at this time, for it will do you no good, it will only lower your vibration. You have a choice, you always have free will, choose love, choose peace, choose the light.

Let the pieces of the puzzle play out, stay on the sidelines, and let it all pass you by, we have everything under control, The Light is overseeing this movement and we are happy with what is unfolding. So many awakened ones now on the planet, and the others will have to wake up, there is no other choice, the new vibration effects THE ALL.

See The Light, BE The Light and be love to one another, be at peace and be kind to yourselves.

Beaming you Love from the Higher Realms

The Andromedan Council Of Light"