Cacao Ceremonies

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Ceremonial Cacao V's Regular Chocolate.

What's the difference?

The Ceremonial Cacao I work with is from Guatemala, from the Chocolate Shaman. The Cacao pods are picked with the intention to connect to the spirit of the cacao. The cacao is then handmade with a pure intention which keeps the integrity of the Cacao Spirit. The high vibration and energy of this Cacao is beautiful and so far my favorite which I why I work with it.

What sets it apart from regular chocolate? regular chocolate is made through factory processing, it has other (unhealthy) added ingredients, all the cacao beans go into factory processed chocolate, even the moldy ones, and is made with the intention to make a commercial product. There is a HUGE difference between these two and you can taste, smell and feel the difference once you have worked with real cacao, not the stuff you have grown up to believe is chocolate... 

The Cacao I use is 100% pure, handmade with love, and is powerful medicine. 

Did you know that pure cacao is one of the top super-foods out there? rich in antioxidants, magnesium, zinc, copper, and selenium. Honestly, the list of benefits is endless and we should eat or drink it for that reason alone. It is also a great replacement for your morning coffee, it contains the active ingredient theobromine which helps stimulate your mind much like caffeine but without the shakes anxiety, and crashes. I drink it every day before my morning meditation.


I use pure 100% Cacao in my Ceremonies, it has this beautiful ability to open the heart, clear your mind and act as a great facilitator in connecting you with yourself, deepening your focus, creativity, and concentration.
Each Cacao facilitator will work differently with this beautiful medicine, depending on their own skill sets and backgrounds and their own connection to the cacao.

I begin my ceremonies by drinking our cup of delicious ceremonial cacao. We do this with intention and respect to connection with the spirit of the medicine. From here, you will be guided throughout the ceremony, and all you need to do is sit, connect, open your mind and enjoy the experience. I will be there to guide you through the whole ceremony and once the ceremony has been closed, we will cleanse and bathe in a shamanic plant bath, these are quite literally heavenly and some of my favorite things to do in life. You feel so cleansed and enlivened after you experience one.

I work with this medicine in different ways. One ceremony may be completely different from another, and I work depending on the energy of the group, or what Ceremony I feel called to do. Yoga, Hypnotherapy, Essential Oils, Crystals, Shamanic Journey's and the Lunar Cycles can all be part of one of my Ceremonies. Cacao is such a beautiful and flexible medicine and, with my background, experience, and knowledge, I can really create an amazing experience.


Shamanic Journey to the Lower world -  Meet you Spirit Animals + Ancestors

Shamanic Journey to the Upper World - Meet your Spirit guides

A Journey to Meet the Spirit of Cacao

A Journey into the Heart

Meet Your divine Feminine | Masculine | Inner Child

Release A Negative Mind

If you want to collaborate and make a unique Ceremony together, i'm in! Cacao and sound alchemy / Cacao and ecstatic dance, whatever your skill set, lets create some magic together.