Fertility, Childbirth, Past Life Trauma & Soul Contracts

This Is A BIG Topic, Let Me Take You On A Journey

If you are trying to conceive, about to give birth. If you have been through a birth trauma or are working on your reproductive and womb health, then this is for you.

We are such intricate beings that our true healing needs us to go deep.

This topic is something that is very close to my own heart and something I am so passionate about. My own fertility journey was a long one, it took me two years to get pregnant, but I always knew it was meant for me in this lifetime.
After years of changing my mind about having children I finally reached a point where I was ready, and then it just didn't happen. I was disheartened, and disappointed month after month, but I didn't give up, I had dreamed of being pregnant many times, I was even given my babies name and I just knew deep within my soul that it was going to happen. I had to be patient, to trust in divine timing and in the meantime, do my inner healing work to prepare my body.
At age 41 I conceived naturally, we looked into IVF, were even on the phone to the IVF clinic days before I got my positive pregnancy test, and even though we were looking into IVF, I knew it wasn't my path, that I didn't need it. I believed in my own body's capability so deeply that it was just a matter of time. I had to heal myself and wait. I'm not saying this is everyone journeys, but this is my journey and if you are on this path or if you have lost pregnancies then this is for you. I can help you understand your deep hidden stories connected to fertility and childbirth held within your womb, your cellular memories and with your divine aspects, especially your feminine. Also to help and heal your spiritual lessons for growth and evolution around this.
It is a big, deep topic and goes so much further than you think is possible, so let me share my knowledge and personal experience, I hope it resonates and helps, even just a little. I am here to offer my help and healing, reach me below if you want to connect on a personal level, this is such an emotional and vulnerable journey and I want you to feel fully supported.


In order to get our mind, body and soul aligned, in regards to your fertility, we have to look at all areas, physically - is my body healthy, am I treating it right, am I eating well, do I need to cleanse heavy metals and candida, where are my hormone levels at, how is my reproductive cycle, do I suffer with PCOS, endometriosis, benign cysts, fibroids. There are a lot of things we can correct first, just by changing our diet and looking the health of our physical body, there is a reason any health issues have manifested, they are trying to get your attention, but we can do a lot just with changing our diet and lifestyle and getting educated, also looking at the health of our partners (unless you are using a donor)

Emotionally we need to look at where we are at, in terms of how you really feel about getting pregnant, is there some underlying fear, not feeling like you will be good enough or deserving enough, do you believe you can get pregnant. Subconsciously we carry a lot of baggage on every level, and our emotional health is a huge area for us to look at. For me, I had a lot of subconscious fear about becoming a mom and I had to work through it in order to align all parts of myself so we were all on the same page, otherwise there could be parts you that are consciously or subconsciously self-sabotaging your journey.

Mentally we have to look at our belief systems around pregnancy, fertility and everything in between, do you believe your body is more than capable, do you believe that your body can heal and align itself from any health issues or imbalances, do you believe in the power of self, do you have any limiting beliefs around becoming a mother, there is a lot to explore here, our mind it either our biggest enemy or our greatest ally, where is yours's at? Is it working with you or against you? Do you need to change your preconceived ideas and the mind about childbirth and fertility and your age?

Energetically we have to look at any blocks being held in the body, as all imbalances we carry are coming from an energetic origin, this is the starting point, if we keep ignoring our energy blocks they will get louder and louder until we have no choice but to listen. What stories are you holding in your womb space, in your heart. What stories are your divine aspects holding, are they aligned and working together? Where is your Ego at, are they in full defend and protect (self-sabotage) mode or are they empowering your journey? What past life memories are still active and alive within your cellular memories connected to childbirth, sexuality and the masculine? What soul contracts either need healing or aligning?

And lastly Spiritually, this is intricately connected to our energy body and the two go hand in hand, here we need to question -  What did you plan for yourself in this lifetime before incarnating, what is your soul's blueprint? Did you agree to bring children into this incarnation? What are your soul lessons for your growth and evolution, what karma are you carrying, are there any vows and contracts you carried forward into this lifetime? Is your vibration and frequency aligned with the soul that is coming to you? Do you have faith and trust in divine timing?

As you can see there is a lot to look at here that may be blocking your journey, and this applies also to keeping any pregnancies viable, healing any birth trauma or loosing children. Also looking at the mindset of your partner regardless of gender. I had to work through many past life traumas of loosing children, these stories were held deep within my womb and were a huge block in me getting pregnant. I was holding so much fear around my baby dying that my feminine just couldn't get past it. We had to work deeply together to let these old stories go, knowing that they are not our story now. I know and empathize with the emotional roller coaster this journey can take you on, and I am here to support you. To help you understand your own journey so you can align with all of your hearts desires, whatever they may be. 


I made this meditation for myself as I navigated my own journey and re-programmed my own mind and I wanted to share it with you. Listen to this for a minimum of 21 days straight or 40 days if you can. The minds works by repetition and association, so the more you do this everyday, it will move it from your short term memory, in to your long term memory where we store our subconscious habits and belief systems, re-programming our mind. Enjoy.


Reprogram your mind and body for the perfect ovulation cycle that just keeps getting more perfect, start here, get you mind and body aligned. If you resonate with my work and want to chat deeper or schedule a hypnotherapy session then email me, chat online, reach me via Instagram, book a session using the the link below, whatever works. I am here for it and I wish you nothing but success on this journey.