Yoga + Meditation

Your Physical Body

Your body is your vessel, take care of it.

Get functional with your practice!

Do you know how your body works for you?

Have you ever thought about what is restricting you in your practice? Have you ever thought that maybe that is the biology of your bones? Have you learned to have a functional approach to your asanas? We all want to go deeper in our practice, but sometimes we have to listen to, and, understand that what is actually stopping us is the shape and function of our boney structures.

Learn how to have a functional approach to your practice, learn that the alignment your body needs will most likely be completely different for someone else. We are all different and no one has your biology or biography except you. 

If we work to understand the mechanics of our body we can really begin to understand what it needs. We are all built differently, and learning to tune into our individual bodies needs, is essential to its well being. Knowing when to push but also knowing when to back off and listen to those all important signals.

Yoga is an amazing practice to shape and train and align your body, but we have to work within it's capabilities. There are many different styles of yoga and having a varied practice is essential for your bodies optimum health. Our body needs an equal amount of strength, flexibility and mobility to be able to fully support our skeleton system, our joints and improve and our range of motion.

Yoga has helped me develop my own awareness of what my body needs and craves, and that changes daily depending on what else I have going on in my life, some days a strong power vinyasa is exactly what my body is craving but other days I need to slow it down, so maybe i'll practice a cooling Yin class, Restorative or Yoga Nidra. Your body will tell you everything it needs you to know, you just have to have learn how to listen to it.


I offer group and private classes, each class can be 1hr | 1.15hr | 1.30hr depending on what you are looking for. I blend all of my training's, yoga, meditation, reiki, cacao and hypnotherapy and can offer some amazing and unique experiences so if want to get creative I am all ears or if you just want a straight up yoga class, no problem.




OR any combination you wish to work with.


200hr Yoga Teacher Training 

20hr Yoga anatomy with Tiffany Crookshank

50hr Yin Yoga with Bernie Clarke

6hr Restorative Yoga with Cindi Lee

10hr Yoga Injuries & Prevention - Rachel Land