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The Mind & Hypnotherapy | Cellular Memory, Ancestral DNA & Past Lives | Ener-genetic Hypnotherapy

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whatsapp-account-imageMental and emotional health are THE key areas we need to work on in order to feel that deep inner happiness and peace. Knowledge is power and in this MASTERCLASS you will get some amazing takeaways. We are the total sum of our past and we create our reality based on everything you think and everything you feel. It is how we are designed to work. You will learn: How your brain waves work and how they are affecting you The difference between the conscious & subconscious mind Short term vs long term memory and our belief systems How stressors from the past are influencing your present Repressed v suppressed memories and triggers Disassociation and reintegration How holding onto unhealthy past experiences is affecting your health How anxiety & depression are connected to your past experiences


whatsapp-account-imageLet's deep dive into the distant past.... learn how your ancestors are affecting your current lifetime. Learn how past lifetimes are influencing you now, your abundance, your relationships, your health, your fears & phobias. Learn about phenomenon and cellular memory theory... If there is something that just simply doesn't make sense in your life, then it's time to look deeper. Let me take you there!


whatsapp-account-imageThis Masterclass got censored and deleted off of YouTube within 24hrs (no surprises there!) so here it is on my website. Learn about my own therapy, channeled, downloaded and created by Emma. Ener-Genetic Hypnotherapy allows us to go into the subconscious mind where we have full access to our genetic code on an energetic level. Once we access the genetic code, we can change the information that is expressing itself throughout our cellular body. Learn all about it here, where i break it down into manageable pieces.


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