The Masculine, The Ego and Merging Chakras - 3D to 5D

Channel From My Higher Self

As always, take what resonates, leave the rest

"Many of you are purging your lower frequencies through the Solar Plexus Chakra. This is about you upgrading Ego and The Masculine into a 5D consciousness, the Solar Plexus & Heart Chakras are also beginning to merge and connect like the visica piscis (above image).
They will begin to work together in alignment, we are bringing all aspects into harmony as you step into the higher frequencies, the hemispheres of the mind, The Masculine & Feminine, The Chakras. The Inner Child is merging too within you, into a present day reality, so you are always in your now moments and not living in, or from past experiences (past lives aside for now).
Today, lets talk about the EGO and THE MASCULINE: 
Ego is that aspect that connects to your identity of self, your conscious mind, current thoughts and realities and it "feeds" off of your NOW emotions, working in unison with your past emotions (causing reactive triggers to defend & protect). By not doing your inner work you are also choosing to keep yourself attached to the 3D experiences and frequencies.
As you let go and upgrade your mental and your emotional body, Ego starts to feel lost, dis-empowered and is confused about the "feed" off of as the higher frequencies are a mystery to Ego. Ego has long forgotten how to operate in from a 5D consciousness, so, we have to teach Ego about empowerment, about trust, about connecting to Higher Self, so it knows to empower you and not to sabotage.
5D Ego is about empowerment of self, and works as an allie to manifestation. Once the Ego has shifted fully into a 5D frequency, you Masculine will have no choice but to align himself and vice versa, with awareness and help of course.
This is what many of you are doing now, upgrading and re-aligning Ego and Masculine as the Feminine rises.
Inner Child has a role here too ( if you have done the work and they are in their divine aspect) you can bring Inner Child in to play and to not take the shift so seriously, and Feminine can help stay in a process of flowing within the shift. They are all here to help, to flow, to play, to create, to empower, to manifest, this alignment is a truly magical experience.
Those in the 3D paradigms are struggling with this, and you will all need to help them, but, don't push or pressure, it is their Journey, just offer your guidance and support, they will come if they are ready."
From here I was given my Hypno-Meditation on Upgrading and Empowering Ego, and you can find it on my homepage. It's powerful and I even love listening to my (higher) self meditation myself. 
Also I only just made the discovery of the Visica Piscis as I was looking for the same image she asked me to draw while explaining the merging of the Heart and Solar Plexus. I have added a link for you to explore if your curious.