Message To Humanity For 2021


The Andromedans

As always, take what resonates leave the rest!


"The 2021 cycle will be cataclysmic in the evolution of humanity.There will be much upheaval and chaos.

It is a time to just be at peace with the world, with whats happening. Step outside of the chaos and find your inner peace, your strength. Detach from the conditioning of the mass media and find your sanctuary where you can be still, in peace. 

Our natural state is a peaceful existence, and we must try to not get pulled out of true self. It has been happening for too long and it is now a time for change, for growth. Allow yourself that space, to just be, to just let things unfold around you without the critic of the mind. We are all here together, we are not separate from each other, but are here for love and unity. 

Dearest children, respect each other, as we in the higher realms respect you and your individual journeys. Remember it is not about You Vs Me, or Them Vs Us, it is about the ALL. Come together, be at peace, allow each their own process and journey, no fear, no judgment, close the divide.

Be patient with yourself and with others. We will all need each others love and support. Come together in Oneness and be as ONE. One Unified Collective.

Thank you, we love you, your loving Guides

The Andromedans & Council of Light"