Align Your Energy Body

Energetically nourish yourself with wholesome Chakra balancing.

Rei - Universal

Ki - Energy


Reiki is an energy therapy that has its roots in Japan. Developed by Mikao Usui, his traditional methods passed down through several generations of grandmasters of Reiki and: the Usui method is the most widely recognized and practiced form of Reiki Healing today.

Reiki is such a beautiful energy therapy. As you lay in stillness and allow your Reiki practitioner to send healing universal life force energy into each of your Chakras, you will leave feeling lighter, free, more aligned, and in balance.

 Each practitioner has their own unique way of working and will bring different experiences to their sessions. I love to use essential oils and crystals in my Reiki sessions and work with pure intention for your highest good. I work intuitively, and connect to what is happening in your energetic body, from here I do the work that is necessary for you at that moment.


I will go through each Chakra with you after the session and give you tools to take with you so you can continue to align yourself with the energetic re-balancing from your session.

Working with energy will strengthen and heal your soul. It is a unique and supportive combination of inquiry into your soul and, by working with energy therapy's you are gifting your soul with what it needs to get to the next level of your journey.

Each Reiki session with me usually takes 45 minutes. We will discuss your needs in our initial conversation, and from chatting with you and working out what you want to experience, I will work with your goals and desires to give you the best session possible.

I work with Crystals during my sessions, and you will feel them placed on your chakras, after I have worked on each one and, towards the end of your session, I will leave you to just-be, to receive the healing energy of these Crystals.

A beautiful gift of self-care, we all need some me time in this crazy busy world.

Distance Reiki Sessions

Energy is energy and, it works wherever you are in the world. I've had some amazing distance Reiki sessions with practitioners and clients and, they are just as powerful as in-person sessions.

During a distance session, we will still work together in the same way. You will need a time and space that works for you where you can relax. We will connect and, the session will take place from there. I will let you know what I tapped into and what happened during your session once I am done. If you have time, you can stay with your session for as long as you wish. 

Distance sessions are a great way to work with me from the comfort of your own home in whatever country you may be living in.