The Collective Mindset & It's affect on Humanity

Message From The Higher Realms

As always, take what resonates and leave the rest



"Humanity has been experiencing the paused state (at the time of receiving this message - February) and the understanding and seeing the repercussions of your decisions as a collective.

What you are experiencing now is the outcome of of your current mindset as a collective energy, of the FEAR you are all holding and attaching to. Your fear has created this current reality you are experiencing. There are Lightworkers  strategically placed around the world to start bringing in a collective unity, to anchor the awakening of a new reality, born of LOVE and away from FEAR. This is a tough assignment but they are doing well. 

We have asked that they be still, quiet at this time so the un-awakened ones will start to see the consequences of their vibration through the choices they have made as a collective.

We know this feels heavy dear Lightworkers & Starseeds, but it is necessary for the Ascension of all, as we have stated before. If they do not want to listen they must see, many are still in denial, but the longer we are quiet, the more darkness they will see brought into their reality. You see this is a win win situation for The Galactic Federation and for all the Star Nations and Humanity. Either way they will wake up to the illusions of this current reality.

There is much planned and what will arise for you is still shifting in regards to the future of this Journey. 

It is humanity's battle after all, and your collective consciousness is the creator. Keep anchoring the Light, raise the vibration. Lightworkers, we know you feel heavy, but connect to the truth, to the pure light source and recharge your energy. Get outside and connect to the Sun, replenish you life force energy.

We are here for you and are supporting your mission behind the scenes. Ask us for help, do not be shy, we cannot interfere with your free will. We are standing with you.

Blessings of love & light, The Archangels"