Twin Flames & Sacred Union

What Is A Twin Flame?

Twin Flame Vs Soulmates?

Twin Flame Vs Quantum Flame? let's get into it.

Let's start at the beginning. by learning the difference between twin flames & soulmates, 2022 and 2024 are big years for this very energy and many of you may be asking the twin flame questions, have or are about to embark on this journey, so let me explain.

Imagine a square piece of fabric that has been sectioned out in a grid like formation, as you look at this piece of fabric, imagine that you are the top right hand corner square.

Soulmates are the piece of fabric that is sitting right next to you, it's right there, you have such a strong connection because you are right next to each other. Now imagine these two pieces of fabric being let loose separately into the world, and one day they bump into each other. You remember them, they feel so familiar, they are a very similar piece of fabric to you and you recognize them, but they are not you.


Twin Flames, look at this fabric again, bring your attention back to the top right hand corner, now imagine that that top right hand corner has been ripped in half, it's the piece of fabric that has been separated from itself. Now imagine these two pieces being let loose into the world, and one day they meet, this is you, you are from the very same piece of fabric, you will recognize this missing piece immediately, you will remember that they were once a part of you, that you were once whole and complete. You will instantly want to put yourself back together again as one whole piece. The connection is undeniable because they are the very same piece of fabric as you.

• Quantum Flames, let's take this deeper. Bring your focus back to the square in the top in right hand corner, when it got torn in half there were two parts of that piece of fabric. Now imagine that same piece of fabric being torn three ways, four ways, a hundred ways, these would be your quantum flames as you have separated yourself more than once, no longer a twin but maybe a trinity or more. Now imagine them all being let loose into the world, imagine meeting not one, but two parts of yourself, lets even imagine all three parts or more end up meeting each other. WOW that would be a story to tell and some intense energy. Something I would love to see (I haven't.... yet) but this would be a very fascinating dynamic. 

Now replace the word fabric with hologram, and replace the word square with soul. We are all part of the same hologram in varying degrees of proximity, the closer to you, the more intense the energetic connection. This is why you will hear the term that twin flames have split their soul, they are still a whole piece within themselves, but there is also another (or more than one) whole piece of them too, and when they meet, that instant recognition is there, this is because you have the same energetic frequency. Your essence, or energetic signature is exactly the same, this is why there is this instantaneous connection and knowing when you meet in the physical. You know yourself more than anyone else in the Universe.

Why Do We Split Our Soul In The First Place?

The answer? Evolution. We are constantly evolving, in this incarnation and in all of our incarnations we want to expand and evolve our souls more and more. Each lifetime we have is a journey of evolution back to the one source. We are all making our way back to light and part of that journey is returning back to unconditional divine love. The higher we ascend, the higher our vibration, the more we return to divine love. This is why the twin/quantum flame journey is a journey of love, unconditional self-love. Our twin/quantum flame is a mirror reflection of us, the way your feel about them, the pure unconditional love you carry for them is what we need to have and to hold for ourselves. 

It's like the unconditional love you have for a child, to witness yourself loving someone else that much, is what is being asked of ourselves. It is the ultimate journey of unconditional self-love. We have designed this journey for ourselves for our souls growth, and the more we have split our souls, the faster our souls evolution can happen, as there are more aspects of us learning lessons and clearing karmic debts and traumas at the same time. 

The more evolved your soul is, the more times it will be able to split itself. You can see splitting our souls as this game we make for ourselves. Let's split our soul, all incarnate together and see if we can find each other and find our way back to unconditional love. On the note of incarnation, your twin or quantum flames may not have even incarnated with you. Maybe one or two of you came, maybe you came alone and the other aspects of self stayed in the astral realm becoming a spiritual guide for your earthly experience. There are many options for this journey, it is not one and the same journey for all so they will all be different and unique.

The Journey Back To Love & Sacred Union...

How do we return to each other? We have to do our inner work, once you have remembered you are a twin/quantum flame the journey really seems to begin. Our T/Q flame can trigger us constantly so that we go inside and do the work that is necessary, and not yet done, to come back to love, it may be painful and very deep, but this is what we signed up for. To evolve we have to release the dense baggage, childhood, past lives, all of the conditioning about pretty much everything you've ever known. The ultimate way to back union with your twin flame is to come into union within. This is called Sacred Union, it is a sacred act of the divine love you share, within and without. Coming into Sacred Union within means working with your divine aspects, your masculine, feminine, inner child, ego, higher self and twin flame. They all have a role to play in bringing the masculine and feminine energies together, and ultimately they all need to unite, to come in to harmony. It is quite the journey, but totally worth it, when you feel that coming together, the sacred union within, it is a beautiful thing to witness. You will no longer look outside of yourself for love and validation, you will feel whole and complete within yourself. 

To take it one step further, when your divine aspects are able to hold stabilize and ground the energy of sacred union, they will come into the Hieros Gamos, Sacred Marriage. What can I say, this is the ultimate dream. Once you are in sacred union or heiros gamos within you can expect to see this union manifesting in the physical, IF your counterpart has done the same. This should not be the focus though, and so many twin flames get lost on this external union because they crave that so badly, but the goal is to come into complete, unconditional love of self, when you are here you will let go of any outside expectation of this relationship, but know that your energy affects theirs and vice versa and ultimately it will feel like a gravitational pull towards each other. 

This topic can be talked about for hours so I'm going to leave you here. I think this gives you a good foundation if you are curious or already on this journey. I am a quantum flame, I have split my soul as a trinity in this lifetime, and it has been quite the adventure. So I hear you and hold you if your are on this journey too. we are all here for a divine purpose. To show humanity that the future is unconditional love.

If you resonate with me and my teachings and want to go deeper on this twin/quantum flame journey with me, book your FREE connection call so I can see where you at and how I can best serve your needs, and we can go from there.