Quantum Healing


Let's talk about it

What is Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy (QHHT) exactly?

What do you do?

Firstly if I lose you, that's OK, this can feel like a big complicated topic and finding the right method of healing that works and resonates for you, is really important, this won't be for everyone and not everyone is ready for this work. Just remember, I work to the level you are ready for, and that might be dealing with issues from childhood or last month, but if you are ready and open to going to those deeper places, I am here and ready to take you there no problem. 

Quantum healing is a big area to cover, but I will do my best to break it down. Working within the realm of quantum physics means working outside the realm of your current reality, tapping into ALL realities. It means working outside of time & space. Which in a nutshell, means we can access all experiences you've ever had.

It's pretty out there but also very simple, and this therapy is life-changing. I believe it is the healing modality of the future (plus check out my own unique healing therapy founded and created by yours truly. I call it Ener-Genentic Hypnotherapy)

We are all opening up to different ways of healing, whether through reiki, crystals, sound, numerology, or vibration & frequency. Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy is another unique and alternative therapy. We are so much more than our physical bodies, and to heal, REALLY heal, we have to address our whole Selves. That means, dealing with our emotions, our belief systems, our traumas, our cellular memories and our past. If we haven't worked through it, then we are still attached to it in some way and this means, it is still affecting us in the here and now. I specialize in working with your traumas, big and small, from this lifetime, and from all other lifetimes and experiences. You'd be amazed at where the root issues of your blocks really come from.

To heal our pasts, we have to go back to the ROOT CAUSE, that first time that the feeling, issue, or belief system took root in your mind-body complex, process it, integrate it, and re-frame it. That might have been in childhood but, that might also have been in a past life. We have no limits, and so to get to the bottom of the issue, we have to go all the way back, and that may be slowly and gently, or we can go go straight there and rip off the band-aid. You are the one who chooses, you are the one in control, I am only here to serve as your guide, to hold space for you, and to help you let it go as and when you are ready (you will be guided here by your own innate intelligence). 

You'd be amazed at what comes up in these sessions and my clients always feel the shift afterward. They feel lighter, freer and know that they have let go of a heavy weight. Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis techniques to get you into a trance-like state to perform therapy. From here, we can explore the sub-consciousness mind, find and process and integrate the memories/experiences/emotional attachments/belief systems/cellular memories, that have been preventing you from moving forward in your life.

We have to heal on all levels, modalities like talk therapy will help you understand your experiences logically, to bring awareness to them (which is very healing in itself) but it doesn't actually release the trauma from the mind body complex. You see, we store our emotions in our bodies, in our cellular memory, in our energy centers and with our divine aspects. And if we don't actually release the emotional aspect, then you are still carrying this trauma around with you, it will still trigger when something happens in your life, as it is still an active memory. So to really let it go we have to release emotionally as well as mentally.

Other experiences can happen in these sessions and we will go over how you feel about this in your FREE 1 hr Consultation and whether or not you open to them. It is entirely your choice and I 100% respect your boundaries.

In my sessions there is the possibility that your guides may come in, when/if that happens, I work closely and mostly with the Archangels, your spiritual guides, your Higher Self and your star family, so that's who you might meet if you are ready.

You can get all the answers to all the questions you have ever had (if your guide thinks you are ready), when this happens you can also receive deep healing work from them, they will give you guidance and advice, tell you your life purpose and, so much more if you are ready. It's such a beautiful experience, amazing and so powerful.

Another big part of healing your Self and a big focus for me, (because this is the ultimate healing and the best work you could ever gift yourself) is working to align your masculine, feminine, inner child, and ego with your higher self. We all have these aspects and you'd be amazed at the stories they hold that stem from many, many incarnations. 

I could honestly talk endlessly about the many possibilities that can and do happen in the realm of quantum physics, but I think that's enough to swallow for now.

If your brain hurts, don't worry, so does mine sometimes. Just reach out with any concerns or questions. I am happy to chat, answer your questions, and ease your mind. Also, I offer a Free Consultation without any obligation to book anything further.

And remember, energy doesn't lie, so if it resonates, if I resonate, then quantum healing is for you and this is what you need, and I am here to be your guide.